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So if it's percentile (and BTW estimates on homosexuality are 3-10%) then I guess my IQ is "abnormal" LOL and if you are over ...I dunno 6'4" your height is abnormal? Huh? It's not political is POLITE-ICAL-abnormal is just rude, a rude way to say 'not particularly frequent". I don't judge what you do with your tabs and slots- I don't even think about it-why the level of interest that requires comment on your part?

If I said you can practice (as if it's my place to OK it!) any religion but then went on to say (just for fun let us say you are in the "abnormal" position of being Jewish) that my God didn't make us to wear funny little hats on our heads and rest on SATURDAY and that it's NORMAL to pray on SUNDAY and make believe wafers and wine are flesh and blood of God's son. If I went on to say that would you feel that my saying your religion was OK with me was somehow negated or compromised?