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Refinish Steering Wheel

Ok bear with me.

I've used pretty much all methods to try and remove the "sticky/tacky" feeling I get when gripping the steering wheel for even a few minutes. I've used soap/water, Leather Master Strong Cleaner, and even Leather Master Degreaser.

There is still an obvious difference between the top of the steering wheel, which is slick, and gets "sticky", and the bottom of the wheel, where the dry, matte look from the factory is still intact.

I think I'm to the point of trying to refinish the top of the steering wheel myself.

Leather Master sells a "Top coat" that is matte, and I think this is all I really need, as the color hasn't faded.

#1, does anyone have any experience re COATING leather to get that matte look and "dry" feel back to it? I'm wondering if I'll have to lightly sand the top portion of the steering wheel that I want to recoat? That makes me darn nervous...

#2, how can I find out which type of "top coat" BMW actually uses on our steering wheels? If I could find that out, maybe I'd be able to get the right product. Otherwise, I think I'll try the Leather Master finish on a scrap piece of leather and see how it turns out.

I just can't take this sticky feeling any more. It removes so much of the pleasure from driving....

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