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Originally Posted by jeff4598 View Post
It's as abnormal as being blonde or left handed I suppose!
Actually, much more so. Since you want to play games--about 25% of the population has medium brown to blonde hair and something less than 10% are left handed. Since homosexuals comprise about (give or take) 1% of the general population (who really knows or cares?) I'd say they qualify as abnormal. Your agreement or disagreement of course assumes you are willing to aknolwedge the biological nature of man, hard-wired to procreate, Tab A goes into Slot B, etc. Since homosexuals are not interested in the opposite sex or natural methods of procreation, I'd say that's abnormal. To argue with the notion that heterosexuality is normal is just silly and probably political.

But my main point was--live your life as you chose as long as you don't hurt me or others, just quit trying to convince me that it's ok.