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Originally Posted by sycd View Post
I had a 335i and now have an E92 M3.

335i was nice and had some punch but the power delivery was very boring. Big punch off the line which was great for DD but then fell flat on its face at higher RPM. The M3 pulls until redline at 8400, making very nice noises getting there.

I was planning to keep the 335i for a long time and mod it, but I had a lot of issues with fuel pumps, injectors, etc, and sold it as soon as the warranty was up.

The M3 is in a different league, it's an entire package very well balanced for performance. The 335 was a mild car tweaked to provide above average sporty feeling.

Sure some will say that you can tune the hell out of the 335i to get close to the m3 in terms of performance, but its still going to be a 335i and you will spend a lot of cash in the process and maybe even lose your warranty. It's also going to be a challenge to keep a balanced setup.

If I had to do it again I would go straight to M3 without a doubt.
Off the record, yes the m3 is a better car hands down.

but there are advantages of having a 335i over an M3. you may ask what? Well for one, better MPG LOL ok who cares about that.

extra maintenance. M cars do have warranty but some maintenance for the car is just plain expensive. If you do maintenance yourself then this doesnt matter.

i feel like getting a ding in a 335i will be less heart breaking then getting a ding in a m3. Plus 335i look like regular 3 series, meaning its goes under the radar.

of course 335i are fast with a tune/meth/e85. in a straight line M3 owners know how fast they can be. For some, straight line performance means the most. Not everyone is a track driver. the 335i offers good brakes, decent handling, and a torquey motor. it fills what every car enthusiast should want at a much lower cost. it doesnt have a LSD but i have no problem getting around. i dont drift(lol) or go to track days to really put the LSD to good use.

for being close to half the price of an M3, it gives the m3 a good run for the money. If you have the funds, M3 is obviously a better choice, but if you have a budget the 335i will give you a decent amount of excitement and sounds for any enthusiast to enjoy. m cars overrated? not what so ever.

i cant afford an m3 so i bought a 335i. if i had the money of course the m3 would be my choice.