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Originally Posted by llis View Post
Definitely makes sense. You can also get a better sense of the kind of setup you want. For example, I always preferred the square 18" setup with 275s, but to do that comfortably you need camber plates (which in the end will help your track tires last longer anyway). But you'll want better brake pads for tracking first before you give your tires more grip, making your brakes work even harder. (I used Hawk DTC-70s, which are very kind to your rotors but have great stopping power, even when baking hot late in the session.) It's all kind of a set of improvements.

Beyond that, best investment is in you in terms of seat time. Mod the driver before you mod the car! (And have fun!)

Thanks've been really kind and helpful through this whole post. However, before I do anything different with wheels/brakes/camber plates/square set up etc, I may contact you again to explain all that "Greek" you just through my way. My issue is I know the look I want for my car, but don't have a good understanding of the "mechanics" behind it. That's where this forum and friends on this forum have been super helpful. BTW, I used to own a ski house in Durango. CO has to be one of the most beautiful states ever!

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