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Originally Posted by llis
Originally Posted by Crypty
In the year I've owned my m3 I have determined that it is more of a dick magnet. Girls just think it's a BMW and seldom know what an M3 is. Like I said in the "You know you own an e9x m3 when..." thread:
"Guys can't wait to get in your car, and girls can't wait to get out."
I have fun driving my car no matter who is riding shotgun. Guy friends welcome second gear on-ramp pulls and casually sliding around city blocks. I have tried this with girls and it is instantly obvious that I am the only one having fun. They sit there petrified, gripping any handle they can find probably thinking what a crazy asshole I am. Oh well.

Anyone have similar experiences?
Considering that three of my female friends own M3s and track them and we're all faster than you I'd have to say chick magnet! (Especially true since the guys I know who have M3s are not dicks.)

AND REALLY, when driving around, the vast majority of dicks I encounter are driving Subarus and Audis, so wouldn't that make Subarus and Audis the dick magnets? :
As Clarkson noted a few years ago, all the cocks have abandoned the M3 for the RS4 or Evo