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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post

Excellent advice. Is it weird that I sit at home on the couch wearing my helmet as I watch GrandAm races, Fifth Gear, and American Idol?

Clearly, I see nothing odd about this at all.

Many people strongly recommend a full-face helmet for safety reasons. You'd be surprised by how much debris makes it into the cabin of the car through the open side windows during a trackday. It's not unusual to find bits of spent rubber from other cars in your back seat when the day is done. I've been whacked in the face by a hot chunk of rubber flying off of a car I was following closely. It didn't feel good. Came in through my open visor. I don't know that I would necessarily drive all the time with my visor lowered, but at least you get quite a bit more protection with a full-face helmet and open visor than you do an open-face helmet.

I've read other stories about this, hence my decision to go full faced. Note to self......keep visor down.

Exactly. The saying goes, "If you have a $100 head, buy a $100 helmet."

I firmly believe that my melon is priceless.

Lookin' good! I have a GP-6S and I love it. It's reassuring when you go through tech at an HPDE event and the organizers just glance at your helmet and say, "Oh--an Arai? You're good!"
Wow--I wouldn't have even thought of that. Add to your trackday checklist: No makeup today. Otherwise, your foundation is going to get all caked-on and nasty on your cheek pads and forehead padding.

About the make-up...the padding on the Arai is removable and washable!

Here' another side note/question about me tracking. I was very ready to buy a set of Volk wheels for my baby (This way I figure if I screw up at the track, at least my car will look good while I'm doing it) which would require new tires as well. I still have good life on my current tires. I thought I'd hold off on the new wheels and tires until I have a few track sessions under my belt. This way, I can use the rubber still left on my stock tires and not burn up rubber on my new wheels yet. Does that make sense?

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