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Drives: 2018 F80 ZCP
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2008 E93 - June 2008 Build - bought it new - can't believe I've had it for almost 5 years now.

59k miles - daily driver. Easy care warranty up to 7 years, 100k miles with $250.00 deductible.


1) Got the software updates to address the early DCT "stall" issues within first year of ownership - no problems with that issue since.

2) Also had solenoid replaced for one of the cylinders after it was throwing a fault code - but couldn't tell it was an issue while driving it before the fix went into place.

I don't track the car - but also don't baby it - plenty of rev's right up to 8400 when I get a chance. Love starting out in 1st gear and blasting right up to around 35-40 mph before shifting to 2nd - the S65 has been so "bulletproof" based upon my own experience and from reading others' on this forum that I'm totally comfortable with that (S65 was specifically designed to be revv'd on a regular basis - so makes sense).