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Greatest forum moments.....

So this forum has been around now for a number of years and over 550 pages. It has served as a vehicle (no pun intended) to bring together a community of enthusiasts. It has provided real information pertinent to the M3, insights into life and the world in which we live, as well as being a source of some great humor. For me, it has become a part of my daily life as well.

It has actually provided my wife and I with some real quality time. We will both sit together in our kitchen, or on our bedroom sofa. I will be on this site and she will be reading a book or doing word puzzles that she loves. We often share some coffee or some wine, and discuss work, life, kids, etc.

Anyway, I thought it would be great if people could recall some of their most memorable forum moments. It could be a great thread, some great information, a great M3 pic...whatever.

For me, this one thread sticks in my mind.....

A while back a young guy in college was on the forum talking about the M3 his parents had bought him. He was trying to justify this by the fact that he worked really hard in a top name school, got very good grades, and as such, felt he deserved his M3. He felt he really appreciated what he had. I responded by telling him to go into a BMW dealership, tell them about how hard he works, and how good his grades are, and ask them to give him an M3 for this.

His response.....well, there was none. Priceless.

Please share some of your most memorable M3POST moments !!!
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