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Originally Posted by Bmw135er View Post
You should also wear them about 30 minutes before purchasing one. Any issues will pop up in that amount of time. Some helmets also have adjustments that can be made by swapping out the pads for different thicknesses. Don't skimp out on a skid lid, it's protecting the most important part of you!
Originally Posted by dmw16 View Post
Also, don't be afraid to take it home and sit on the couch in it a bit to make sure you like it.
Excellent advice. Is it weird that I sit at home on the couch wearing my helmet as I watch GrandAm races, Fifth Gear, and American Idol?
Originally Posted by mamadub View Post
I only tried on the open face helmets as they were SO uncomfortable, I was sure I would die of claustrophobia in a full faced helmet. Hopefully, I will find a full faced helmet that's comfortable!
Many people strongly recommend a full-face helmet for safety reasons. You'd be surprised by how much debris makes it into the cabin of the car through the open side windows during a trackday. It's not unusual to find bits of spent rubber from other cars in your back seat when the day is done. I've been whacked in the face by a hot chunk of rubber flying off of a car I was following closely. It didn't feel good. Came in through my open visor. I don't know that I would necessarily drive all the time with my visor lowered, but at least you get quite a bit more protection with a full-face helmet and open visor than you do an open-face helmet.
Originally Posted by llis View Post
As for price, I always liked the question: How much is your head worth?
Exactly. The saying goes, "If you have a $100 head, buy a $100 helmet."
Originally Posted by mamadub View Post
I have learned so much from posting this question! I actually went out today to helmet shop. After the way the Simpson fit, I was really nervous to try a full face helmet for claustrophobic reasons. I found a great shop with a very knowledgable owner. I went in insisting I need a large...he smirked and finally got me into a small! I really liked the Arai GP-5W. It was actually comfortable. My next post should be about my first day at the track!
Lookin' good! I have a GP-6S and I love it. It's reassuring when you go through tech at an HPDE event and the organizers just glance at your helmet and say, "Oh--an Arai? You're good!"
Originally Posted by mamadub View Post
I didn't think I could go wrong with an Arai. The best part was I didn't feel I needed to rip it off my head two seconds after putting it on. I will certainly post again after my first track day!

I thought my hair and make up came out really well yesterday!
Wow--I wouldn't have even thought of that. Add to your trackday checklist: No makeup today. Otherwise, your foundation is going to get all caked-on and nasty on your cheek pads and forehead padding.
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