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Originally Posted by johanness View Post
Ok: Jeremy Clarkson is a douche who's taste is in his mouth. I find Top Gear entertaining, but he's nothing more than a marketing whipping boy. If you'd seriously take this LFA over a Ferrari 458 Italia or 599 HGTE... The u might as well turn this thread into another pilgrimage like that useless BRZ/GT86 one GoingTooFast started.
Some people prefer the V10 sound (mostly everybody) and response/revving capability and also how much of a technical marvel it is. It definitely has more of a presence than either of the other two you mentioned. It's not too far fetched and, for me at least, is understandable.

And I would hardly call the GT86 thread "useless" because a lot of people like it and is more of a driver's car than any car mentioned in this entire thread.
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