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Originally Posted by DASHOCKER View Post
dude, we all love cars. and many of us own more than one brand. your thread title and posts in this thread clearly show your intent. Dont try to play us.
Ok, I've been on this forum for almost 3 years now (under different alias') and started out from the general e90 section where I learned a lot about my first bimmer.

Through the years, I've bought 3 different bimmers and have thoroughly enjoyed them.

I've been subscribed to Motor Trend magazine for about 10 years now and usually never miss and episode of Top Gear.

I have a true passion for cars (not just BMW) and for you to say my intent is to presumably start a forum war is peposterous.

I know this is the internet and you can never really know if someone is troling or not (are you?) but let me tell you about myself. I am very blunt guy and if my MO was to start a forum war, it would be a helluva lot different than thread. Something like "Audizine is wayyyy better than NASIOC" is an example of how to start a forum war.

Then, what's the point of a forum war? I know how people get banned from here so that's pointless.

If you don't like Jeremy Clarkson's statement about the LFA or the link to the article, simply say so. You are the only person ITT that has such an opinion.

It's time for me to leave work and enjoy my weekend, so I'll check back on this thread Monday.

Enjoy your weekend!

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