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I am going to do a favor to all the ones who arent MD's yet, but want to know the most important question to them(whether they admit or not), which fields can you make the most without killing yourself(side note, what everyone is saying is true dont go into this field for the money anymore cause it is declining cause private practice as we know it wont exist in 5-10 yrs).

The key to making great money is the own the technical aspect of medicine. You see , professional billing use to be 1:1 with technical fees a long time ago but now its close to 5-10:1 in favor of technicals. You ever wonder why medical oncologists(chemotherapy docs) are owning radiation therapy centers?...why surgeons are building ambulatory surgery centers?...why radiologists build their own CT/MRI centers and etc??..they are after the bigger pie.

Thats why you see some oncologists, nephrologists(who own dialysis centers) and some surgeons who own surgery centers driving Ferarris...cause they are making 5 times as much from the technical billings as their professional billings....this is the big secret they wont teach you in medical school.

But does this matter anymore?...soon to be a NO!...cause the goldrush for technicals is just about over as the government is cracking down and will soon be enforcing the Stark laws that says you cannot refer to yourself in entities you have ownership in...but for now, its still happening all the time.

Medicine is funny cause people that own their own centers making tons of money ceased being doctors a long time ago and are now more businessman more than different to the guys selling you a car for instance.

Well there you have it, you can thank me later...

If you dont understand professional vs technical billing do a google search.

If I have time, I will give you my vision of medicine in the future...and anyone who is actually in medicine now knows I speak truth...