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Originally Posted by 135Pats View Post
I've heard of worse fri. afternoons. It's raining/sleeting in DC right now, shit's gross. "chubby rain"
It certainly could be worse. It was snowing off and on here in Milwaukee, but for right now, it's just grey and crappy out. Since I have nothing left to do, and neither do the guys I'm with (vendor and customer) we are "letting" the vendor show us a night on the town.

Originally Posted by MrRetep View Post
I wish my clients (aka CA state govt) would take me out to nice sushi lunches! theyre too cheap for that though

DC People - I need recommendations for an awesome steakhouse near the supreme court.
Come to the Midwest, we know how to show people a good time. I'm taking them out, so you just have to offer, but it does get a little hard when they are Gov't employees with that whole "bribery" thing. Maybe it doesn't matter in CA

Originally Posted by Angerman View Post
My GF was saying earlier she had a hankering for sushi lol
Well I can take your girlfriend out too if you want but I assume you are better off doing it.
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I can never have cross dressing fun nothing ever fits!