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Originally Posted by wadejg View Post
Is there a place that describes in detail the functionality that comes with the upgrade from CCC to CiC?

Justin Wade
Here is some information for you:

The Car Information Computer (CIC) continues the path laid out by the earlier CCC
system and takes it to the next level of development. The main noticeable feature of this
iDrive system is the newly designed controller that is now equipped with seven direct
access buttons. These buttons provide shortcuts to the menus in the redesigned layout
of the user interface.

Compared to the CCC system, the number of CD/DVD drives in the CIC has been
reduced to one optical drive.
The CIC overall screen dimensions have remained the same. However, the number of
pixels have doubled from 640x240 (CCC) to 1280x480. This provides improved visual
quality by generating a sharper graphic display.

The navigation system display has been enhanced with the following functions:
• Full screen mode
• Night view
• 3D models in the perspective map view

The use of an integrated HDD (hard disk drive) now allows navigation map data to be
saved on the CIC hard disk. Previously, this map data had to be loaded from a navigation
DVD for each destination entry. Maps can also be displayed much faster due to the
increased processing power of the CIC.

The hard disk drive in the CIC also makes it possible to compile and store a personalized
music collection. An 8GB section of the total 80GB hard disk is dedicated to store music
These files can be transferred from audio CDs, MP3 players or USB sticks. Along with
the music data files, the music track database (Gracenote®) is also stored to be used for
the music search function.

An address database has been included in the "Contacts" menu, which can also be
accessed from the Telephone and Navigation menus. This feature offers a single
“location” for accessing contact information. The information contained is more
comprehensive than before.

Many external receiver hardware devices such as IBOC and GPS are integrated
in the CIC. This adds flexibility and expands the system’s functions.
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