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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
Wow--I've never heard of this. Is there a known safety issue with the NT01s, or was it something particular to just the tires on your car? Very interested, because I'm almost done with my second set of them and am about to purchase a third.
Was discussed here, starting with post #33.

Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
I hadn't heard of the Hankook TDs before. Are you running 265/35-18 front and 285/30-18 rear? It looks like they're not made in 275/35-18. How about the compound? Are you running soft or hard?

Several local track buddies are running 265/35/18f and 295/30/18r, but I'm running 265/35/18f and 285/30/18r. Reason being, I was going to test-fit 285/30/18 on 18x10.5 volk wheel on the front to see if they fit with much rubbing. If so, I plan on running 285/30/18f and 295/30/18r on the next set of TD. (haven't tried the test fitting yet, though) But, if they rub too much, I'll go with 265/35/18f and 295/30/18r on the next set.

Originally Posted by king-rb View Post
R, did you list in you post what TD compound you are running? It's my understanding they have 3 correct? Curious too how the life will compare with NT01. We'll chat more on Sunday
I'm running soft compound. I'm told that TD, if taken care of, should last about the same as NT01. It remains to be seen.

Per Hankook, I did this little heat cycling thing by running the first session at 70, 80 & 90% (1st, 2nd & rest of the laps), did cool down lap, came in, raised the car & removed all 4 tires and laid them on their side. If, as we're prone to do, I run balls to the wall in the very first session on even new tires, and let the car sit on those tires until the next session, you're creating flat spots on extremely hot tires (faster tires = hotter temp). Plus, you go faster and thereby work the brakes harder, so the extra-hot brakes are cooking the tires too. So I took off the tires and let them cool for about 90 min's until the next session. I think with racing slicks, you take them off after initial-heat cycling and don't use'em for 24 hours? Anyhow, I'm waiting to see how long my TD's will last and, if they last longer than other guys, then I'd attribute it to having done this little heat cycling exercise.

See you on Sunday!
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