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Originally Posted by 135Pats View Post
I appreciate the offer, but I still have dreams of keeping my CPO warranty, Iím already pushing my luck big time with FBOÖ.If I showed up to the dealer with an Alpina AT flash Iíd imagine that would absolutely be the end of that. Then again Iím sure my car will break before May, so Iíll know if my warranty is intact ahead of time. If itís dunzo, then lets flash this bitch
Warranties are for wimps. real men void warranties on the first day of ownership.

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It's awesome! This is how this car should be from the factory! Shifts are crisp and smooth even though they are faster. The throttle blips on downshifts in manual mode make it even more awesome.
does it fix the "lunge" from 2-3? I also saw one guy say it also lets you hit the rev limiter now without the auto upshift, can you confirm or deny this?

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huh interesting..

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Where do I get this tranny software?

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we have an interesting safe crackers Colombian gang storming several luxurious houses. Their target are only jewelry and expensive watches.
Just like Mexico City back in the 80s
booby trap the safes. problem solved. youre welcome

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i don't think you need software to become a tranny......

change your whole wardrobe and start wearing makeup......
yes the makeup definitely makes a difference, I find that decent quality makeup with some nice heels really complete the transformation.

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Well I located that damn rattle, the DP flanges are touching eachother everrrr so slightly, which at idle produces a very obnoxious resonanceÖIím waiting to get the midpipe bracket on order from Tischer, but in the mean time my ghetto fab solution has been to wedge very small piece of plain cardboard in between the two pipes. So far no noise, and the cardboard hasnít caught on fire

In all seriousness-does anyone think this is an absolutely terrible idea as a short term (7 days) solution? Those flanges obviously get quite hotÖbut hot enough to ignite a small piece of cardboard?
well I think cardboard catches fire at around 800f, so if the exhaust doesnt get that hot it wont combust. (any lawyers looking at this because his car caught on fire. I am not responsible for it)

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no homo?
its only gay if balls touch.