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Originally Posted by kfriceman View Post
I love the comments about the financial advisers "skimming 1-2% off the top"..........that's how they get planning is not amateur hour.....I'm not interested in doing it myself, so I have "my guy" do it for me and pay him accordingly....this has served me quite well.....and yes I know just how much his services cost me and I'm OK with it.

You love the comments stating the truth that financial advisors take some off the top and that each individual needs to weigh whether or not they need a financial advisor and know the fees before they get started? And I even clearly stated that for most people a financial advisor makes sense.

If you really knew what all your financial advisor does, you probably wouldn't agree that it is worth the potential 100s of thousands of dollars you pay him.

Thanks for calling me out for giving fair advise though.

It's like changing your own oil vs taking it to a shop. If you want to learn to change the oil yourself you can save money doing it. I fall in the other category on this one though, and have someone else do it. It is up to each person to shop different shops and check their prices and weigh whether or not they think the extra $50-70 or so is worth it.