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Originally Posted by Alex07M3 View Post
I'm having problems with my idle actuator right now and from what I see, the part number( that W/// gaves us is for the idle actuator so I'm guessing throttle actuator and idle actuator on the S65 is the same part! Not sure though!
Strange. I don't have any experience with the ICV, but the numbers I provided are for sure the throttle actuators. That's what I used when I ordered the parts. I'll look into it.

Originally Posted by jcolley View Post
So, I had the good fortune of driving my S85 for almost two weeks in random Prius (limp) mode. Here's what I discovered:

- the fault code switched sides when I swapped throttle actuators from bank 1 to bank 2. This verified I had a faulty actuator and not a position sensor.
-Rotating the gears to realign the bad teeth in the throttle actuator had no effect. It still faulted.
- having a good daily commute to monitor when it dropped to limp mode, it normally occurs when the throttle actuator would have been shut and the idle actuator open. Interestingly, the fully shut throttle body position has the throttle actuator arm at the twelve o'clock position. This aligns the bad teeth on the black gear with the white gear.

The gears appear to be common between the S65 and S85 throttle actuators. I am working with another guy overseas to design and make an improved set of gears or them. Will update here if it does any good.
When you say bad teeth, how bad did it look? With mine, it was hardly damaged. THe only reason I looked in the first place was because there were shavings inside the housing.

I'd love to know if there's a good fix for this vs dropping $7-800 each time these things let go. I'm just afraid that they are so sensitive that getting a new one is the only way to go. When I was playing with all the motions of the bad actuator, everything seemed fine to be honest.
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