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Originally Posted by OC3 View Post
In December, I ran NT01 for the first time at this track and I did 2:03 after having been stuck at 2:06 for 9 to 10 months on R-S3's. Had it not been for the recent rash of tire-cut problems on NT01's, I would've been back this past weekend with NT01 and I think I could've done 2:02, and may be high 2:01 if I got lucky. I'm told that TD's are about 2 sec's faster than NT01, so I think 1:58 was in line with the expectation, or perhaps I had a better-than-expected results. And I'm expecting, or hoping, that TD would last about as long as NT01. But, I won't know as my NT01's were taken off with tread still left, due to the possible safety issue.
Wow--I've never heard of this. Is there a known safety issue with the NT01s, or was it something particular to just the tires on your car? Very interested, because I'm almost done with my second set of them and am about to purchase a third.

I hadn't heard of the Hankook TDs before. Are you running 265/35-18 front and 285/30-18 rear? It looks like they're not made in 275/35-18. How about the compound? Are you running soft or hard?

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