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I checked the VF-Engineering site and did a search. From what i'm reading, just an aftercooler is needed and is "easily" tossed into the VF540 manifold... I have an opportunity to get my hands on a 540 kit, but would like to upgrade, so i'm looking for specific details on what would be needed and the $$ needed to upgrade the kit. Thanks!
The upgrade kit from VF540 to VF620 includes:

- Slide-in air:water heat exchanger
- Front mount radiator assembly w/bracket
- Factory grade water lines and fittings
- Bosch water pump
- upgraded pulley and belt
- Custom VF-software flash
(A new Hex Flash OBD2 Cable and PC program will be included for 2nd hand customers)
- 1 year/12 mile warranty for the upgrade parts
- Price: $5200 (difference from VF540 to VF620)

We recommend the VF540 as our Streetsport system for drivers not looking for maximum power, but just a nice boost for everyday driving and that punch when the need calls . We recommend the VF620 or VF650 for drivers who use their cars for both street and track or those who are going for the high HP numbers. Most VF540 customers couldn't resist and have already upgraded to VF620

Sliding in the heat exchanger into your current VF540 manifold saves downtime and labor.

Hex Flash cable:

Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to assist.