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Originally Posted by Transfer View Post
That lag is not turbo lag, it's BMW's craptastic e-throttle being terribly tuned. It's rediculous and is the number one thing I dislike about this engine. Press pedal, wait 1-1.5 seconds before the gas is actually engaged. You really do have to plan to hit the gas before you actually want to move. I even experimented with sitting at a stop light and tapping the gas repeatedly with no engine response whatsoever. Then I put it in neutral and park and it's nicely responsive. wtf is that?

I tried to get the dealer to do something about it in our X1 but of course "there is nothing wrong". Somehow I didn't pay enough attention to this before we bought. Thank goodness it's my wife's DD and not mine and she doesn't care.
No this is definetly turbo lag. You could feel the turbo swoosh kick in after a few seconds. Much differenrt than a throttle lag which I had on my old 530i e60 I6 engine. Took a sprint booster to remedy.

This was classic turbo lag. Press pedal, barely moves (but it moves which is different than throttle delay) and than a woosh, only it is a mild woosh and creates no fun, no nothing.

Really a disapointing car after the e90 lineup