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Originally Posted by boriquaguerrero View Post

i show my gratitude to this country (im puerto rican) in joining the Armed Forces. Not like Dr325 that he came from another country to the US and think US military doenst have any brains because the little money they get.
I totally respect that in an individual. I have no problems with people immigrating to America to seek a better life. And for those special people who put their lives on the line well, I think they should be the first in line to receive their citizenships. Hell they should be able to vote twice as far as I'm concerned. It's the slimey whiney little bitches that emigrate from wherever they called home and come here to talk shit about how rotten things are that are the ones I can't stand. And dr335 -who for all intents and purposes has used this country to make a living for himself and presumably his family comes in here and rants how shitty our medical system is, how our soldiers are 2nd class citizens and how the US's foreign policy sucks- is one of those slimey weasels. If I invited you over to my house for dinner and all you did was complain about my cooking I'd give you a good ass kicking to remind you exactly who's house you were in. Unfortunately free speech encompasses everyone , even the ignorant and selfish so we have to listen to your nonsesne. Maybe one day when Socialism makes its return we can abolish that law and send people like you to Gitmo.