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Originally Posted by Nati Beastcat View Post
^ sounds like he knows what up. Probably depends where the cut off is on the amount of pot for the city/state you live in? If there is enough evidence there for intent to distribute could be bad. ie. scales, paraphernalia, xxx amount of weed ?
“intent” Is almost always established at the time the citation is issued, depending on the state it can be established by something as minor as multiple containers. If the person cited hasn’t had that charge brought up, I seriously doubt it would be considered after the fact. Again let’s be clear here-I do NOT deal in misdemeanor crim law-but as a general matter you're just not going to have your world turned upside down for a “small” amount of Marijuana if you have no priors. Now FL could have wide sentencing guidelines, and the judge could be a brimstone and fire kinda person, but from afar this seems like a run of the mill situation. Some kid got busted with Marijuana for personal use, in most courts (district/county or minor offense court), that’s just going to clog up the case log. Process it, file a no contest plea, the individual gets a fine that stings and life goes on.

EDIT: OP I just re-read your post, you need To be clear here- was your friend arrested or sent home? Fundamentally different things going on here, I was under the impression that he was issued a summons and sent home after confiscation. Spending the night in jail doesn’t mean he’s doomed, far from it, but it does add circumstance to the severity of the charges.
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