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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC
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The reason is probably because I still have the rear cats and OEM xpipe. Supposedly very restrictive. I will end up upgrading my xpipe later but will have to get resonators to quiet her down. I do have a bt cable and will try to log when I get a chance but she is running strong. Thanks for the advice man
No, rear cats are 200 cell and even a stock car has a linear power curve. Look at curves online, something is definetly not right. Once you hit 7k and your power is flattening off compared to whawt its supposed to you are probably looking at the engine is not breathing up top. I would bet the farm your camshafts, especially in an 08 or maybe something with fuel delivery is not able to keep up to what demand is up top. BT tool could tell you exactly if your fuel injector pulse is normal, if your camshafts are opening to spec and if any other problem is happening. May be the result of an 08 just getting old and things out of spec. Unless your spark plugs are old as well maybe the car is simply pulling timing up top and flattening things out.
I had my spark plugs changed at 41k and now I have 42.7 on the odo. Car seems to run strong throughout the whole band. I'll see if I can bt cable it. Now you got me worried about this :
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