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Originally Posted by Jaws View Post
Bashing the war in Iraq is opposing the policies of the regieme currently in power, not the country itself. How come it is hard for those of your ilk to understand that simple concept? I can think of nothing more American than questioning authority instead of blindly following political leadership. It's a good thing that your founding fathers understood this concept.
hey jaws, dr325 wasnt just bashing the war in irak he was bashing on the soldiers too read his quote from page 3

dr325 says
How about I tell you if you're a man enough with any brains pick up the calc 4 and diff equations and lets talk...
Priorities man -- some of us had to resort to the Military side (ant think they are super patriotic because of that, but forget the perks and little check they collected and will after retiring), and some of us simply use brain power to make living...

i quote

i show my gratitude to this country (im puerto rican) in joining the Armed Forces. Not like Dr325 that he came from another country to the US and think US military doenst have any brains because the little money they get.
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