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Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
OH please Mr. Hong Kong!
I was there two years ago....really? HK home of the skinny jeans!
Really skinny jeans?
Loved your city, amazing food great view and the girls were very cute!
Shame you have to be worth a Billion to live well there!
Glad you liked it.
Are they that skinny? I don't notice.. but when I came back from a few yrs in the US for college it did seem like I was wearing ridiculously wide pants. Blame the Korean guys that dress like that -none of the FOB Chinese kids dressed like that(they were mega dorks) -they were the only cool asians.
If you are a billionaire, you get movie starlets, a regular better-off guy you can get decent looking local girl, on the bottom end of the scale, all they have to do is go across the border and get a Chinese girl (not to be confused with the HK girl who is similarily materialistic and cost more)

Originally Posted by Litos View Post
Honk Kong = home of the skinny jeans

New Jersey = home of the fat and shirtless bald man with ripped jeans from the 90's

i'd rather take Hong Kong
Shah is ripped ..
Don't worry I haven't worn skinny jeans in a long time

Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
Same here...the girls were HHHOOOOTTTT!!!!!

But sadly I was there with an "education" group so....could not visit any strip clubs....

Are there any strip clubs in HK?
There are 'nightclubs' that are overpriced (100US for 2-3hrs just for the girl to sit and drink with you) I don't know, you can get enough eye candy on the street. I know I am not making the best use of this resource when I hear you complaining of lack of single women in NJ..