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new 328i experience

First, I am not comparing these two cars in terms of thinking they would be even close to equal but given the praises sung by everyone about the new 328, I was extremely unimpressed! The lag is absolutely ridiculous. I finally realized I had to time my maneuvering by knowing I hit the pedal and counted by 1 one thousand to know when the car would move in order to change lanes with any type of traffic behind. Obviously lag is a given but really pronounced even on sport plus.

The power was simply nothing how people seemed to rave about it. It had a acceptable level of pull but felt marginally faster than the outgoing inline 6.

Personally I would take the slower inline 6 with zero lag than this setup.

Steering was terrible, super light even on max setting. I didn't bother judging the real driving or cornering as this was not a sport-setup.

I just really thought this would be comparable to a 335i or atleast pretty close given the reviews but it was absolutely nowhere near and painfully boring to drive.