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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
I can't stress enough to skip SMG. Def look at MT cars only
Terrible advice. I would advise you to test drive both and not to skip SMG because people say not to get it. It shifts really, really, absurdly quick especially when you are driving at high speeds. It's also really easy to make it shift smooth ( Even in S5) when you are driving around town. Smooth to the point where to passengers its undetectable. It does have a very raw feel to it so you do feel like you have a lot of control of the vehicle. I would say about 75% of that of a manual transmission. Drive both, you might like it.

I ended up with SMG mainly because the specific example I was looking at was in better condition than the 6-speed example I was looking at. Now after 30k miles, I love it. I've only had ONE problem with it which was when I was driving in Houston on a day that was 107 degrees the transmission dropped out of gear 4 times. Otherwise I've never had an issue. If I do, my extended warranty covers it ( I made sure) and you shouldn't buy a pre-owned E46 M3 without an extended warranty anyway.