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Originally Posted by Cali FlyBoyZ View Post
I'm in a bit of a war with myself right now. I'm not sure if I am putting too much emphasis on the ///M or if it is really worth it to own one. In looking for my next car, I am wondering if I should go with a 08-2010 ///M3, 06-08 ///M6, the 2011 550i, 2011 640i, or to just get another 335i and fully mod it again (never got a chance to try the single turbo setup).

I decided to post this here instead of the ///M forum because you guys seem a bit more fair and not so biased towards one car over another. I am really interested in hearing your opinion(s). Thanks =)
are panning on modding the f out of an M car?

If so, I wouldn't bother. You are paying a premium for a package that is designed and tuned to work as a package. If you are going to f with it, why bother?

Unless you just want that monster of a V-10, it is a fantastic engine (the SMG trans sucks).