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Originally Posted by KKM3 View Post
How old are you? You sound like my 8 year old nephew. "My power ranger is stronger than urs"

That's your new name "power ranger" Change your screen name to "pink ranger" c'mon do it. Stop being a little bi$&@

So let me get this straight, inviting people to an enthusiasts National car event (in about 3 weeks) where everyone can put their money where their mouth is, coming to a resolve of sorts...considering neither side believes the other is sounding like an 8 year old?

Are you serious?

ESPECIALLY when, after all ive posted, that there are two opposing viewpoints?

Are you even in the right thread dude?

By the way, M3 big brother beats DOWN the 2012 GT-R doesnt sound like an 8 year olds post?

Please..stop posting. This was alot more fun with the technical debate about the abilities of each vehicle. Stick to that. Insults aren't your strong point.