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Also applied the leather and interior plastic goodies. I love the matte look the plastic protectant gives..looks so much classier than the cheaper plastic protectants that come out all glossy. You can actually feel the difference so its good to know that there is a layer there. Also cleaned out the leather with the leather brush (removing minor scuffs) and applied the leather milk. Then applied the elephant fat by hand ( this felt good to areas of the leather that will get worn out the most (edges of seats, headrests and steering wheel).

I got the car opti-coated on saturday by Frank from brightshine detailing . He is a genuine top bloke and its clear to see that detailing cars is his passion. He gave me the best deal of all the other detailers I tried. Started of by foaming the car and giving it a good wash. He then machine polished the hood to remove holograms and light swirls. He recommended a slight paint correction in about a yr or so. He then applied the opt-coat to the paint, glass and lights. Didnt bother with the wheels as I will be plasti-dipping them soon. Since BMW uses a porous paint finish aka orange peel he used a lot more product than an average car would. Also my fenders are made from plastic (weight saving) so they are more absorbent than metal. I was then asking him about wax options and he just gave me a free pot of Victoria concours red wax (70 rrp). He recommended using soft concours grade waxes as they will give that deep wet look that I desire vs a hard wax that will offer more protections at the expense of shine since I already have opti-coat. The wax has to be stored in the fridge and applied by hand (first time doing this) I also cleaned my wheels using the wolf wheel cleaner with nano-coating and have never seen any of my wheels look this shiny.

Applied two coats of victoria concours red wax by hand yday. Car is so shiny and yes theres not pics yet :P...I highly recommend that wax if u can justify it..applying it by hand allows u lay on a very thin coat that is easy to buff even if u leave it for >30mins. The car has a very deep wet look atm. Also ordered and fixed my first mod. lux h8 v3 LED halo upgrade from BMRAutowerkes
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