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I spent some time tonight working on the install. After looking at mounting options for the cameras, I've decided to stick with the Logitech. I'll be purchasing the 8MP of the version I have now, as it records excellently, and it'll be more easily mounted. When the new one comes in, I'll fab up a mount to connect to the rearview mirror. Here's a still of the pic it produces on the screen when in use by the app Dailyroads Voyager (more on that below).

Here's a shot of future camera placement:

In both my other carPC setups, I made sure I had DVR capabilities. This setup won't be any different. I'm going to use an app that I had for my tablet, Dailyroads Voyager The features are phenomenal, and it's free. The interface is slick, and it ties in w/the GPS. Great for day to day use. Even better for track use.

Here are a couple shots of the OEM launcher that comes with the Android unit. You can really see how the large icons are optimized for the small BMW screen, although it could use some work.

I managed to get the miniPC, the converter, and the USB hub installed in out of the way places. If you looked in the interior and tried to find them, I doubt you would. They're all within reach of the driver. Their diminutive sizes certainly helped.

More to come....

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