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Sub 3300 pound winter weight loss results.

A while back, you may remember this happening after a weekend at Thunderhill in the 'safety' of my garage...Well the winter project(s) started:
Weight loss and handling was the name of the game, so the dinted sun-roofed roof etc meant an OEM Carbon Fibre replacement was in order.
Attachment 822229Name:  Roof swap - 01.jpg
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Since the rear glass was broken anyway, out comes the front windshield in order to remove the roof.
Fantastic service from Precision Auto Glass in Portland, and they got it out in one piece to retain for later!
Attachment 822237Name:  Roof swap - 02.jpg
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headliner out, removed entire sunroof cassette, roof air bags. Easy.
Attachment 822238Name:  Roof swap - 03.jpg
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At this point the cutting started. The early posts from IND showing the procedure on E90 conversions helped as did getting the right tools. The $4.99 spotweld-cutter bit from Harbor Freight was unbeatable!
All spot welds removed, a good seam splitter and patience worked great. I did protect all roof molding with tape and a strip of steel tape measure in between as addition protection in case the drill slipped, which it did once.
Attachment 822239Name:  Roof swap - 04.jpg
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Same thing all the way around. In total about 70 spotwelds were removed
Attachment 822240Name:  Roof swap - 05.jpg
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Off it came. No problems
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Tried this out for size (BW V1)- borrowed from Greg and Eddie at AR Auto Service in Portland for their E46 build.
I am going bigger...likely the APR GT250
Attachment 822243Name:  Roof swap - 08.jpg
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A present from Germany. The biggest PIA was the wait. What was quoted as 7-10 days ended up 7 weeks.
Attachment 822244Name:  Roof swap - 09.jpg
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Roof Bow purchased and put in (comes only on non-sunroof/CF roof cars).
Attachment 822245Name:  Roof swap - 10.jpg
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OEM fits like a glove. Worth the wait.
Attachment 822246Name:  Roof swap - 11.jpg
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OEM BMW specific adhesive. There are others out there,
but with the heat and flex expansion needs, OEM is good piece of mind.
Attachment 822251Name:  Roof swap - 12.jpg
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Job done. Fully cured in 24 hours. New black trim and sharks fin painted gloss black. Glass back in.
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Here in the NW we are lucky enough to get some short-notice good weather track days, so off to The Ridge Motorsports Park in Washington for a post hibernation few runs.
The difference in handling and performance was night and day. All in, I took out just shy of 300lbs from stock. Car feels so nimble versus last season. Took off 2 seconds and wasn't really trying this first outing.
Attachment 822253Name:  Roof swap - 14.jpg
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This is a pic from last year. All rear trim is out now.
Attachment 822254Name:  Mark's M3 (8 of 21).jpg
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Now for some noise, and hopefully a few more ponies for the next track days. I have to say it sounds fantastic and zero drone.
Attachment 822255Name:  Roof swap - 16.jpg
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Catless GT4 midsection. 10 pounds lighter too...
Attachment 822256Name:  Roof swap - 17.jpg
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Replaces the Evo section, which i will keep for noise limit tracks.
Attachment 822257Name:  Roof swap - 18.jpg
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Clean. Fantastic engineering.
Attachment 822258Name:  Roof swap - 19.jpg
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New Bimmerworld 'race' control arm bushings
Attachment 822259Name:  Roof swap - 20.jpg
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Dinan R Toe Links and full track alignment.
Attachment 822260Name:  Roof swap - 21.jpg
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Stole the wife's MCS battery. Will be registered, but no issues so far.
Attachment 822261Name:  Roof swap - 22.jpg
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This was no driver, 1/4 tank of fuel. My goal was under 3300. Very happy. Slight weight distribution change was unoticable, with no increase in understear. Weight is our enemy on track.
Just need to get a latest catless tune from Mike Benvo and try the new set-up in a few weeks. Videos to follow then. Aero soon after...
Really happy with the results so far. Love the E9X M3.
DCT. Custom Cantrell Motorsports cage. Fire. SCCA reg, dedicated track.
Diffs-online 3.62 triple ramp & cooler, MCS 2-way, TMS solid SF/Diff bushings, RD sway, DO88 Coolers (DCT, RAD, PS, OIL) Akra catless GT4, BPM tune, Hans Recaro, Stoptech ST60/40, Cobalt XR2/4 race pads, Apex ARC 8's, Yoko A005 slicks, RKP GT4 Splitter, GT4 canards, APR GT250 Wing, BW race CAB's, Dinan R Toe Links, Mini battery, Dry-3100 pounds

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