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My E92 M3 and my E36 M3 were both totaled due to flooding from Hurricane Sandy's storm surge. My E92 was insured by Progressive, while the E36 was insured by Liberty Mutual. The E92 claim was settled within days, and I wound up getting $2.5k less than I paid for my car. The E36 claim has been an absolute joke/nightmare. After telling them I intended to buy the car back and retain it, they attempted to tow it 7 times. Mind you I spoke with Liberty Mutual or the towing companies each time and explained that the car wasn't to be touched. They straight up lowballed me 3 times as far as the car's value, comparing my 75k pristine E36 M3 with cars that had 138k on them... I've since let my attorney loose on them, and they are now ignoring him. He's sending yet another letter this week since they refuse to return phone calls. I cannot stress enough to you to stay away from that company.

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