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Originally Posted by mattixxg View Post
First off, no butt hurt here.
As far as money and mouth..well..i did check out the GTR forums and posted the email of a guy who called...basically the M6 board out.
Cant get any more straight forward that than. I could link you if need be.

Lastly, youre talking Texas..THIS texas?

Beware, as youre not just going head up against GTRs...

And no need to make any excuses whatsoever. Theres personal owners, racing houses that attend plus 1000+hp machines..and STRAIGHT LINE racing.
I dont think you realize what is involved at an event like that...

For your vid, that was a 08-10 GTR correct?
The bmw, what mods? Going from a roll also, and stock or no?

And re read some of the its suspect.

If the driver sucks thats one thing....
How old are you? You sound like my 8 year old nephew. "My power ranger is stronger than urs"

That's your new name "power ranger" Change your screen name to "pink ranger" c'mon do it. Stop being a little bi$&@