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Originally Posted by Aro1 View Post
BS. They are not even in the same league.

0-60 on a 2012 is 2.9 and quarter mile 11.1-11.2, easlily reproduced by launch control.

2013 is down to 2.8 and 2014 down to 2.7, probably under 11 sec. in the quarter mile.

Guy in GTR either can't drive or something is wrong with the car.

It would be like saying a 911 Turbo S gets beat down by an M6.
Originally Posted by Aro1 View Post
Launch control isn't even necessary to outrun the m6. Also, it's a lot easier to set up than on m3/m6. Rolling start or not. Warranty is a nonissue these days, but people who are ignorant about the gtr tend to base this off misinformation from the internet/forums.
Originally Posted by UnaBomber View Post
roll racing a gtr in 5th gear FTW
Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
Do you know anything about cars? An M6 might stand a chance against a 09 GTR but there is no way it could beat a 2012 and beyond. Not. Even. Close. Either the M6 was modified or the GTR was broken.
Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
Spot on. The new M6 is most definitely a fast car and would walk away from a stock 2009 GTR, but the 2012+ are very quick and I doubt the M6 has enough in it to beat it both in the 1/4 and from a roll.

I dont get what your getting at here, it has nothing to do with what car you own. I own an M3 and love M cars, but realistically in order to walk the GTR like the M6 did in the video it would need to be trapping 130mph+ to put a beating on it as the video portrays (and I HIGHLY doubt the M6 will break 122-123 traps in stock form, aftermarket is a different story). It has nothing to do with him being an "insecure gtr fanboi," its common sense that the race would be CLOSE at best from a roll (based off trap speeds for both cars). I would be hard pressed to believe this video is accurate in any way shape or form. But yet again, anything can happen on the street
Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
I am not sure what I just watched, but how on earth did an M5 pull 10 car lengths on a stock GT-R. I was expecting it to inch MAYBE slightly once I heard roll race and then read the thread. Maybe the GT-R started in 5th gear or something. The new M5/M6 is very fast but not that fast!

Its not insecure "fanbois". Its making a correction when you are watching something on the internet and dont know all the details.. Id rather be a fanboi with seat experience and know what I am talking about, than someone who rattles off information cause of a youtube video they watched.

If any of you actually believe this video and have an M5 ill run you in my stock 2013 GT-R for some cash. Any takers? My 2013 GT-R is obviously really slow. You have nothing to lose.

Note: Previous M3 Owner, Prospective M5 buyer.
Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
Insecurity has nothing to do with it, reality and real world experience does. I have owned every incarnation of the R35 GTR and I have collectively put close to 50,000 miles on them. I would have believed a stock 09-11 GTR would have lost to the new M5/6 but a 2012-2014 model would have beaten the Bimmers handily. The GTRs can consistently run 3 second 0-60s and 7 second 0-100s(I have personally clocked a 2.9 and 6.9 with no rollout using a Racelogic Vbox). Every review I have read has the M5/6 running around 4 seconds to 60 and high 8s to 100.
Plus this video flies in the face of Chris Harris' and Autocars head to head between an M5 and a GTR.
BTW, I'm not some Nissan fanboi. I have owned many BMWs, including an M3, M6, and an X6M.
Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
No. It's a good indication of gearing. Most cars are geared to be more performance oriented at lower speeds.

No. As I've pointed out repeatedly a GTR is faster even without LC. I have consistently hit mid 3s to 60 and mid 7s to 100 with no launch. An M6 can't hit those even with LC.
Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
Ive offered up. Might have to find someone who wants to run at the next air strip event.

m5/m6 wouldnt really matter. In fact the M5 weighs less and I would suspect is faster in a straight line. No one has explained though how the m6 for being a few tenths faster on paper managed to pull 10 car lengths. At both those cars level of performance doesnt make sense.

Can someone explain this then?^
Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
No its an indication of gear ratios. The gtr is the lighter more aerodynamic car. It is 400 plus pounds lighter than the BMW and has a significantly lower drag coefficient.
Speeds over 130 go to the m6 anything below is clearly the gtrs domain.
That's why the video is bogus. It isn't because the Nissan launches better.
Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
And if you bothered reading anything I have posted you'd know the gtr has faster times even without using lc than the m6 does using it.
Originally Posted by Sakred View Post
Lol at the BMW guys hailing this like the return of the Messiah. Just a street race.
Originally Posted by MrClean335i View Post
This race is the biggest BS I have seen in a while.
Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
That's how it goes? Really?
What I see is someone bragging about an M6 obliterating a GTR and when anybody dares questions it they're called overly sensitive GTR fanboys.
How many times does it have to be repeated that a 2012 and beyond GTRwithout using launch control is faster through 130 than an M6 using its lc? Do you comprehend?
Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
You're kidding, right? Do you understand I have owned three GTRs?
Do you understand I have tested each one of them over and over again using a Vbox?

Do you grasp the fact that I have repeatedly had better times than a launched M6 without using LC. These are consistent. A nonlaunched 2012 and beyond GTR will be in the mid to high 3s to 60. Will consistently take 4 seconds to go from 60-100. These are better than an M6.
Does an M6 do better up high? Yes but it will take a quarter mile before you start seeing it. But my gripe is showing an M6 pulling down low (ie its not representative of M6 versus GTR performance).

A piece of advice: try and avoid ad hom
Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
Nope. Have you? Or a GTR?
At least I have lots and lots of experience with the Nissan. And I have lots of experience with the engine in the new M6.

BTW, I don't street race. Its stupid.
Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
Im referring to the M6 convertible in weight. 4490 pounds.
2013 BMW M6 Convertible 0-60 mph 3.9 Quarter Mile 12.1

I highly doubt the m6 coupe is an entire second faster putting it paced with a GT-R. It would need to pull off a 10.8 to tie. LOL. If you want to negate the 1/4 mile time and say from 60-120 I would expect the GT-R to still pull maybe 1 car length.
Originally Posted by Topspeed View Post
The owner claims he has a catless midpipe, no tune. It's impossible to verify what state of tune any car is running based purely on a video clip. Too many variables.
A similar spec GT-R did put up quite a fight against Gustav's G-Power m3. Sadly that clip has been made private on YouTube.

I raised an issue with the original clip, as quite a few did, and it would now appear that a 720 hp PP performance M5 could only manage a time of 11.4 at 125 mph on a dragstrip in the UAE. Perhaps they can improve on that as this was an initial run. Granted the climate and traction etc, does play a factor and I'm unsure if launch control was used. However, the fastest recorded time for a stock '13 GT-R (2012 model for the rest of the world) at a dragstrip happens to be 10.8 @ 125 mph. Correction, 10.7x @ 126.8 mph (

So the skepticism isn't unwarranted in this case. Despite the initial theatrics and hysteria the original and subsequent clips elicited, I'm sure a clearer picture will emerge in due course.
Originally Posted by konaforever View Post
Hard to believe that the M6 could pull on a GTR like that. Will have to see more results to formulate a final decision. It's 1/4 mile trap speed would have to be at least 5 mph faster, which isn't likely.
Originally Posted by Soorena View Post
Anyone doubting the GT-R's performance should drive that car first. Looks boy-racerish, doesn't sound good, the backseat is good for dwarfs, has a not-so-good interior... That's all true. But the car is fast, in straight line or corners. Doesn't matter.

As for the OP, interesting is all i can say.
Apparently, Im not the only one here that disagrees.


See post 26 and 29.
He actually called out m 5 and m6 guys.
Plain as day.

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