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Engine Management Warning Light

Hi I was wondering if anyone out there can help / had the same problem and can advise;

Here goes:

I was driving along 2515 rpm / 36mph and had only just started the car for the first time 5 minutes before, when the engine shaped light came on on the dashboard. The light is an amber colour btw.

My car is a 59 reg Alpine special edition with 24,000 miles on the clock, as soon as the light came on I took it to the local garage to be analysised.
This is what they came back with:

274A Oxygen sensor pump before cat current calibration Bank 1
2748 Oxygen sensor before cat evaluation module in DME Bank 1
273C Oxygen sensor part/full load diagnosis before cat Bank 1

P2626 02 sensor pumping current Bank 1
P2414 02 sample error B151

The garage told me they thought it might be a lambda sensor but couldn't get into the full menu to run test, so wasn't really sure what it was? They didn't charge me for the scan but cleared the fault.

I drove the car the next day and the engine shaped light came on again (amber) so I took the car to another garage in Sheffield that deals in BMW and has the BMW software they scanned the care and came up with the same 3 error codes 274A, 2748 & 273C but then went on to tell me about the DME ... they told me that this was the cars ECU engine management unit that controls everything electronic on the car and came up with the diagnosis that I need a new one?!

They say they're around 1000 plus vat plus fitting

Surely my car doesn't need a new ECU

Or am I having my pants pulled down ... my car has full service history and is immaculate

Can anyone help ....... PLEASE