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Originally Posted by DiavelM3 View Post
LOL, Um, I think you'e missing the point. We're discussing the '12 GTR vs M6 in some drag races - straight-line races NOT on a track.
The GTR would eat the M6 on a track. No one is disputing that..
You don't need to get all butt hurt because the almighty '12 GTR is getting beat by the new M6 in a few straight line races... It's a good thing and it shows the capability of the new M6. It's all good if you're a car enthusiast. You can respect BOTH cars and understand that BOTH cars are also in different segments and have their strengths and weakness. No biggie right?
Wrong, because it seems that all the GTR fanboys come outta the woodwork and try to make excuse after excuse about these vids because their ego is so big they can't face the fact that there is a car out there that can take them in a straight line drag race.
If you have a '12 GTR and want to find someone on this board with an M6 in Texas, hit them up and post your vid. Straight line race of course.
Put your money where YOUR mouth is
Anyway, Stay focused. Straight-line race
Here's another "yawn-worthy" vid, which I'm sure you'll watch and make an excuse for
First off, no butt hurt here.
As far as money and mouth..well..i did check out the GTR forums and posted the email of a guy who called...basically the M6 board out.
Cant get any more straight forward that than. I could link you if need be.

Lastly, youre talking Texas..THIS texas?

Beware, as youre not just going head up against GTRs...

And no need to make any excuses whatsoever. Theres personal owners, racing houses that attend plus 1000+hp machines..and STRAIGHT LINE racing.
I dont think you realize what is involved at an event like that...

For your vid, that was a 08-10 GTR correct?
The bmw, what mods? Going from a roll also, and stock or no?

And re read some of the its suspect.

If the driver sucks thats one thing....