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Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
Oh the stories I could tell you….and god I wish I could…..but can’t due to the sensitivity of my job but well one of the best was when a female Project Manager when looking at a 155mm battery (those are big cannons boys) “So after each shot they have to lower the tube and shove a new bullet in from the front? Doesn’t that take time?”…here is a woman…a project manger…..of 10 years of which she had spent 2 of them on of all things….155mm artillery…asking me if a cannon is loaded like a musket. And I wouldn’t feel bad if she wasn’t paid just under $200k and had a 50 person team under her. All I can say is that thank god we were in DC, there were some cute Booth Girls from South Africa and I had a nice glass of bourbon in my hand…because if I had thought about that statement too long my head would have exploded.

Maybe I’ve been doing this too long….12 years is just too long…it’s time for a career change I think…I’m getting a bit…jaded…which is never very good.
LOL- reminds me of this girl I knew in mechanical engineering school. Straight A student, math-whiz, had every formula in the thermo book memorized. She had no...fucking...clue how an actual engine worked on a conceptual level. She had to explain it once for a project and I thought she was joking. Some of the guys were almost as bad, of course. (Side note- she was actually cute and petit in school. Now she's a about 60% heavier and a stay-at-home mom)