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Randall, I think if you add aero like a huge wing, you can shave another 2 sec. That's my plan for near future, anyways. I got additional AW trunk for my car so I don't have to drill my stock trunk w Perf spoiler. Shitty part that I bought a different color trunk first with the intent to repaint it and now stuck with 2 trunks. Lol.

I have it for sale Btw.

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Hah, indeed.

Thanks man.

Np. Yeah, I'm happy with the car setup. Was thinking for a while whether to get a E36, but in thinking through it, I gotta part out my Brembo & JRZ, then get same or similar BBK & coilover for E36 and decided that's silly. Plus, all the stuff that can and do break in older cars...

I'm just gonna focus on trying various tires (Hoosier R6 at some point? ), may be do sway bars at some point, and just keep driving.