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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
How about I tell you if you're a man enough with any brains pick up the calc 4 and diff equations and lets talk...
Priorities man -- some of us had to resort to the Military side (ant think they are super patriotic because of that, but forget the perks and little check they collected and will after retiring), and some of us simply use brain power to make living...

Some drive Bimmers, some Hondas...all about choice.

So, don't pride yourseld as "being a man" for joining the military or playing HS football...

BTW, I was in the military, not by choiuce (where I come from) and have experienced much worse shit in a REAL war than driving the Humwee in the middle of a city...
where you from? I joined the Army after 9/11 because of what happens
nobody force me....... if you think going to irak is only driving humves in the middle of the city you are wrong. if everybody thinks about brain power to make a living they wont be a police, firefighter or teachers some of us like what we do even though we aint rich but we are happy making the difference. IGNORANCE AT HIS BEST.......
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