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Upgraded video card, lower performance??

So i replaced my video card last night because it shat the bed after 5 long years of CS and porn.

I replaced the old video card:
nVidia 8600GTS

With this
nvidia galaxy 620

I realize that the card is on the low-end of the performance scale but i figured that by increasing the video card memory by 8x (256mb to 2gb) i would at least see a little bit more stable FPS in CS:GO on similar settings under higher load situations. I saw that my max-fps dropped by 10-20FPS under normal running around!

My drivers are up to date and the card is on the performance setting under the control panel.

Would my 3gb of ram on my computer be the bottleneck now? Would increasing just the volume of ram help me or should i increase the speed also? Its currently 2x1gb sticks and 2x512mb sticks in the secondary slots. Im running W7 64bit, so i should be able to utilize more than 3gb of ram.

Processor is quad core 2.4ghz Q6600

Is there internal motherboard limitations?

Thanks for any help.