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Since too many want to get their $0.02 in defending their own car, and do not bother to read, I have attempted to correct some popular misconceptions. I USED to have a E92 M3 and was a bit of a fan boy like you. However, I educated myself and now drive a C63 AMG PP.

1. You CAN get a LSD for a C63, mine was part of a package with more HP, SLS internals, different brakes, carbon fibre bits, etc.

2. Many C63's are tracked, I see less on tracks and there are also less C63s around than M3s.

3. The revised 2012+ C63 AMG with the performance package is ACTUALLY FASTER than the E92 M3 on the 'ring and a few other tracks. It is slower on some tracks. So this M3 = always win BS is very tiresome, annoying and quite illiterate to be honest.

4. My C63 feels just as planted as my M3 at higher speeds, I've taken it to 250km/h on the back straight at Mosport.

5. The stock tire sizes on the C63 ARE a joke, but can be upsized and are more manageable then. My track tires are 245/275 NT01s.

6. Yes, the C63 can overheat on a track where there is not good airflow (they are fixing this) as it runs hot due to poor air flow through the motor, evidently.

7. The 2012+ C63 PP lost to the M3 in C&D mostly on price - go read the review again. Guess what, it's actually cheaper than a M3 in Canada when fully equipped; what does that mean then?

8. The M156 was not designed for HP/litre competitions. C63's routinely hit 500+ whp with basic mods, the motor is very undertuned. As you know, the SLS AMG BS makes 622hp. The motor was designed to be free and high revving (is oversquare) and have readily available torque.

9. The 507 edition is apparently a replacement for the performance / development package (PP in Canada includes the LSD), so it will likely be around the same price as a performance package equipped C63.

My anecdotal, personal experience is the C63 (2012+) with the performance package is a better overall driver than the M3 and can easily hold its own on the track, especially a longer HP track. The M3 on the track with all M goodies on is more connected and a tad more nimble. I find the C63 PP's brakes to be superior to the M3's and I find it has more steering feel.

I have no qualifiers such as experience selling cars or owning certain cars etc. to back my opinion, as they are irrelevant.
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