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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC View Post
I think everyone is getting a bit ridiculous. If the race is that close that small things like a nanosecond quicker response in flicking the paddle shifter or someones nanosecond reaction time etc than for all intents and purposes the tunes would be considered pretty much the same (given stock vs stock pulls are equal)

The real point of this is if the two stock cars are equal, to look for one of the tunes to be significantly faster. If this is not the case than it will be clear from the video.

Nobody is looking for miliseconds of difference here. Highway pulls with DCT tranny is about the easiest equalizer for any 2 drivers providing they can mash a gas pedal. Its an automatic and you slam the pedal. That is it.

Originally Posted by SROC3 View Post
....hmmm it seems I stand corrected

I thought one had the whole EVO system. My bad.

Carry on gentlemen!!!! This should be a blast to see!!!!!!

All good! This VBOX seems interesting, technology is crazy these days.

Originally Posted by urBan_dK View Post
Do either Benvo or ESS have a money back guarantee like Evolve? If so, one guy should buy both tunes and return the loser.
That's a shady idea, but I like it. I think they are on to you now.

Originally Posted by BMRLVR View Post
I do realize that they are locked to the VIN but putting tunes on the same car is in reality the only true way for a 100% accurate comparison.

At the very least I think both guys should be running stock wheel and tire sizes....... Maybe someone can loan the gentleman with the 305's a set of stock wheels/tires to make the comparison a little more legitimate!
Thats a good idea with the tires, wouldn't hurt to try. I think Manari can help.

Originally Posted by manari06 View Post
Manari, read the quote above. Do you still have your OEM wheels? Maybe we can use yours for the pulls. Do you have PSS on your OEM?