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Originally Posted by kaiv View Post
So you had a few happy buys (couldn't find a thread about your positive experience btw) and then one little shipping mishap and you call them out? They recognized their mistake and apologized. What more can you they really do at this point and what do you expect to achieve with this thread? I understand it sucks you didn't get your stuff when you wanted but get over it. These things happens, it's not the end of the world.
Originally Posted by Vic311 View Post
Maybe this should have been you first option before sounding the alarm?

Sh*t happens.. they screwed up, admitted it and are willing to make up for it.

I also agree with the other members that this does not seem to warrant a negative thread as such (Before trying to settle it privately with the vendor).

A negative thread in this section could make or easily break businesses. We understand its your money and your order and you have every right to be "FURIOUS" but....

I am sure EAS will make due and handle this professionally as they have always presented themselves around here...


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