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Originally Posted by i001947 View Post
You got too much time on your hands. Go and start another hobby until it gets here. You're going to drive yourself crazy.

Seriously, try to savor the moment at the dealer. You will be in a fog while the sales guy try to tell about of the car features, BS, services, signatures, overview, etc. I just thold my sales guy that what ever he was saying I either didn't give crap or it wasn't getting to the brain and I call him a week or two later if I had questions. I still haven't call him back since 12/22/12.

When they finally pull the car into the show room, I dam near cried and piss myself. F_ing beautiful was all I could say out loud!

Get her home safely (no funny stuff) and park her. Then open up a very expensive bottle of wine, liquor, beer, milk whatever you drink and just stare at the car all night.

Oh yeah, take pictures.

Enjoy the wait.
Yes, you pretty much nailed it!
Ill prob grab the keys and drive off, without acknowledging the sales assoc. Plus I kind of like fiddeling with the car and figuring everything out on my own. Im really really f'in excited
Will post pics from the pickup!
And of the build once the parts are in!

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