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Originally Posted by DiavelM3 View Post
Interesting. One vid shows stock vs stock and the GTR having 530hp and the other shows GTR with Y-pipe, Decat and tune. I would think the Y-pipe, decat and tune would put the GTR closer to 580hp?
The owner claims he has a catless midpipe, no tune. It's impossible to verify what state of tune any car is running based purely on a video clip. Too many variables.
A similar spec GT-R did put up quite a fight against Gustav's G-Power m3. Sadly that clip has been made private on YouTube.

I raised an issue with the original clip, as quite a few did, and it would now appear that a 720 hp PP performance M5 could only manage a time of 11.4 at 125 mph on a dragstrip in the UAE. Perhaps they can improve on that as this was an initial run. Granted the climate and traction etc, does play a factor and I'm unsure if launch control was used. However, the fastest recorded time for a stock '13 GT-R (2012 model for the rest of the world) at a dragstrip happens to be 10.8 @ 125 mph. Correction, 10.7x @ 126.8 mph (

So the skepticism isn't unwarranted in this case. Despite the initial theatrics and hysteria the original and subsequent clips elicited, I'm sure a clearer picture will emerge in due course.

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