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Originally Posted by Litos View Post
"Friday Night Lights" for all the Texas folks

"La Bamba", "Selena" and "Blood In, Blood Out" for all my non english speaking latino community - Spanglish

"Colors" for all my cop buddies Crash

"Boyz in the Hood" for all my unemployed patnas chillin on the porch in their house slippers smokin their Black & Milds Menace To Society

"Lethan Weapon" for all my crazy white folks......

"A Nightmare on Elm Street" for all of my Freddy Krueger freaks out there (i admit, i'm a Freddy freak. got a real Freddy glove, and a bunch of Freddy figurines and my wife dressed up as Freddy last Halloween)

"Alladin" for all of my Disney buddies.... +15,452

"Toy Story" for all the Pixar diehards.....

"We Were Soldiers" for all of the veterans out there **salute** Black Hawk Down
I was about to do something similar so.....