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"Friday Night Lights" for all the Texas folks

"La Bamba", "Selena" and "Blood In, Blood Out" for all my non english speaking latino community

"Colors" for all my cop buddies

"Boyz in the Hood" for all my unemployed patnas chillin on the porch in their house slippers smokin their Black & Milds

"Lethan Weapon" for all my crazy white folks......

"A Nightmare on Elm Street" for all of my Freddy Krueger freaks out there (i admit, i'm a Freddy freak. got a real Freddy glove, and a bunch of Freddy figurines and my wife dressed up as Freddy last Halloween)

"Alladin" for all of my Disney buddies....

"Toy Story" for all the Pixar diehards.....

"We Were Soldiers" for all of the veterans out there **salute**